How Do I Prepare For Infosys 2022 | Placement Exam or Interview For The Infosys?

How do I prepare for Infosys
How do I prepare for Infosys

How do I prepare for Infosys | Attempt Individual questions first, like questions from Syllogism, Data Sufficiency, Visual Reasoning, and Puzzles. These questions don’t have common data to be solved. Practice your mind in fat thinking and quick responses. Keep solving puzzles and games.

How do I prepare for Infosys ?

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How do I prepare for Infosys| In the placement process the initial step is the written test. This exam will test the candidates in different areas which includes reasoning and verbal ability. The Placement test will be for not more than 2 hours. The questions asked in the reasoning part will cover Figure continuation, Logical reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Data interpretation, Logical reasoning and syllogism. Applicants will also have to prepare in their basic arithmetic. In the verbal ability paper candidates will have to attend questions like Sentence rectification, Theme detection, Sentence Completion, Reading passage etc.

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Infosys Placement Interview
How Do I Prepare For Infosys 2022Candidates who have successfully cleared the written test shall be called in for an interview. This is based on the rank list formed after the written test. This is a technical cum HR interview which the candidates will go through. Here the interviewing panel will ask the candidates about

Themselves/career aspirations
Family background
Key projects they have done
Experience gained from college life
Candidate’s most memorable life moments, etc

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In the HR interview candidates will also be asked about the extracurricular activities, hobbies etc. This is asked as to understand the general attitude and point of views of the candidate.
By the end of the interview most interviewers will ask whether the candidates have any questions to be asked, so the candidate should be prepared with some interesting questions as to impress the panel and shows your interest towards the company.

How do I prepare for Infosys | Test Preparation Tips
Infosys is the 2nd largest IT Company in India. The company is a dream destination for many freshers in the country therefore the competition faced will be really tough. It is wise to go well prepared for the placement process, or else it’s a total waste of time. Candidates have to prepare by practicing different puzzles. Purchase different books which are well famous, like Shakunthala Devi’s ones or can visit different online websites to download previous question papers used by Infosys. Candidates can expect questions like quantitative and technical questions along with these puzzle questions. With practice only candidates can attend these questions.

How do I prepare for Infosys | Interview Preparation Tips
If the candidate clears the written test, the next step in line is the placement interviews. As to present well in the interview, candidates will have to prepare well in advance. There will be lot of technical questions as well as personnel questions. If you are not good at English then it would be better if you join a spoken English class as to improve on the language skills. This is very important and is a crucial criterion in the selection process. The confidence level of the candidates is also important. This confidence to face the panel will only develop if you are well prepared in every aspect.

How do I prepare for Infosys
Answer to the questions being asked, with clear and precise answers. Don’t try to beat around the bush. Your body language and appearance must also be given importance. Attend the interview in good attire and must be well groomed. Candidates have to come prepared with answers for questions like self introduction, role models, strength and weakness etc. Never try to boast or be over smart in front of the judging panel. If you are not aware about a question humbly admit that you are not sure about the answers.

I Suggest Some book For Crack Written/Aptitude Test :-

(1) Puzzles to Puzzle you – Shakuntala Devi(very Important)
(2) More Puzzles – Shakuntala Devi (very Important)
(3) Puzzles and Teasers – George Sammers (very very Important)
(4) Brain Teasers – Ravi Narula (Optional, but few old sums are here)
(5) Quantitative Aptitude – R.S Agarwal ( Important)
(6) Verbal Reasoning – R.S Agarwal (very very Important)
(7) Previous Papers – freshers group, etc.