Why Does INFOSYS Hire a Huge Number of CSE Students | INFOSYS Recruitment 2022

 INFOSYS Recruitment
INFOSYS Recruitment

INFOSYS Recruitment | Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore

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INFOSYS Recruitment
  • They need bulk or mass employees to work
  • They don’t test u r coding skills properly ex:- in TCS INFOSYS wipro CTS most of the case CSE guy did not selected because they don’t need them
  • They will train in one technology and put you project in another technology
  • They need a graduate guy that’s all they don’t bother about the branch of student
  • TCS Infosys Wipro etc. are serviced based companies they are 3rd party companies working under some other companies like germen, Japan some other companies they will some part of their project here we will do it for less cost
  • Google Amazon flipkart hires people from IITS,IISC,NIT AND MOST OF THE CASE THOSE COMPANIES
    1. Choose CSE graduate with high coding skills
    2. Or else any other guy whose as his master’s in c.s/coding skills are good
  • If google comes for the campus placements google will neglect Most of the people in their written test it’s self

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  • And they will even 1/2/3/4 people like single digit so it is not good for both management & as well as for placement department so placement officer will not call google for requirement and also Google will not come for tier2/tier3 colleges it is going now IITS/IISCs/NITS/BITS BILANI ETC …
  • those are the corporate truths from my experience and they are not changing the packages who is they are here? Answer is (TCS WIPRO INFOSYS CTS)the salary that is basic package from 2002- now that is 2019 same
  • Packages are 3.36/3.50/3.60
  • But the milk packet on 2002 is 6rupes.50paise but now it is 30 rupees in my street I don’t know other side. So from that milk packet is increased 4times of it . but those companies are not increasing the basic package
  • Even if u need to stay in metro cities like Chennai Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Pune sure u have to pay the hostel fee 6000–9000 so u can assume what u will give get finally??

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