Say No To TCS NQT | Don’t Apply For This Exam

Say No To TCS NQT – The TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT) is an exam conducted by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to assess the cognitive abilities of candidates and their suitability for various roles within the organization. While it is true that BCA and BSc students may have limited career options within TCS, it is not necessarily the case that the exam is of no use to them.


Note : Examining All The Pros and Cons of TCS NQT for BCA and BSc Graduates Only This Information Not Belongs To An Engineering Student

1. Very Less Salary

While it is true that the starting salary for BCA and BSc graduates may be lower than that of BE/BTech graduates, the exact salary can vary depending on various factors such as the location, industry, job role, and the company’s pay structure. It is possible that some BCA and BSc graduates working at TCS Through NQT earning only 12,000 Per Month, If Your Friend Claiming More Than This Ask Them To Show Salary Slip.

It is not appropriate to ask someone to show their pay slip as it is personal and confidential information. However, it is always a good practice to do thorough research and gather information about the company and the job role before accepting any job offer to ensure that it meets your expectations and career goals.

2. Cost Of The Exam

While it is true that the TCS NQT exam is a paid exam, it is important to note that the exam pack includes the cognitive skills, But You Have to Purchase Any Combo Pack For Silly JOB, While it is possible to purchase other combo packs, it is not mandatory to do so to secure a job. Additionally, the cost of the exam pack is Not reasonable compared to other similar exams in the industry.

It is important to understand that the TCS NQT exam is not a guarantee of a job, but it is a good opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially land an interview with TCS or other partner companies. Candidates should carefully evaluate the cost and benefits of the exam and make an informed decision based on their career goals and expectations.

3. Offline Exam

It is true that the TCS NQT exam is conducted in offline mode, and candidates are required to travel to the designated TCS ion centers to take the exam. While this may be an inconvenience for some candidates, offline exams are a common practice in the industry but Almost They Schedule Exams After 3 PM Which Cause inconvenient for some candidates, and TCS should consider offering more flexible exam timings to accommodate the needs of all candidates.

However, TCS should also ensure that the exam centers are easily accessible and safe for all candidates, especially For Ladies. Because exams get over after 6 Pm They may face problems while returning home.

4. No Two Years Scorecard Validity

It is important to note that while the TCS NQT scorecard may not guarantee a job offer, it can be a valuable credential to include on a resume and can improve a candidate’s chances of getting hired. But TCS NQT Claims that their scorecard valid for 2 years but until now no one hired after year of exams from BCA And BSC Streams.

5. Exam frequency

The TCS NQT is conducted multiple times a year to provide candidates with more opportunities to take the exam and improve their scores.But If their scorecard is valid for 2 years then why they are conducting exams within 3 months from last 3 years, and their other hirings like Ninja, Digital, Ingite, Xplore, Sigma Have Minimum 6 Months Of Cooling Period.

6. Non-IT roles

TCS will offer non-IT roles to BCA and BSC candidates, this is not necessarily a drawback. Non-IT roles can also provide valuable experience and opportunities for growth, but if you had a dream to pursue your career in IT Domain, Development And Testing This Is Conflict.

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