What Is Tcs Ignite Programme – 2023

TCS IGNITE PROGRAM – Students who perform exceptionally during the selection process will get an opportunity to join the TCS Ignite unit– TCS’s unique “Science to Software” and be trained on the latest and trending technologies, opening up avenues for a full-fledged global IT career.


About TCS Ignite

TCS is a learning program for young science graduates who are selected to be employed in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). This is an intense, six-month-long learning program to help orient science graduates from different academic disciplines to the IT industry and the corporate world. TCS Ignite has a team of world-class faculty who teach core courses in computing and business skills in a specially designed state-of-the-art learning space.

TCS Ignite Trainig

Students who select in TCS ignite their training will be conducted in Chennai but now due to covid 19 maybe training will be taken on online-only, the timing of the training is from morning 8:30 AM to Evening 5:30 In that 1-hour lunch break. there are 6 months of training where lucky folks who got selected in smart hiring have 3 months only, after completion of ignite training projects will be assigned to you by the TCS managers if you are lucky, otherwise your posting on the service desk only. actually, I don’t understand why TCS hire the freshers even they don’t have any requirements because most of the BCA and BSc candidates are assigned to the service desk only even after TCS ignite training.

TCS Ignite MCA Programm

TCS offers MCA program through Sastra University, its not free we need to pay rs 16500 for each semester. and we need to study mca syllabus along with working on the tcs projects. tcs managers doesnt care about your studies they will give you heavy work load and your tcs yearly score card is your MCA practical marks. and the most important thing is considered as a part time degree and some other companies will accept it as a full time degree.

Work Load In Tcs

When We Discuss workload, from 8:30 to 5:30 we need to work in labs but your Manager will give heavy workloads to you then you cant complete to do tasks within 5:30 you need to work till 7:00 then security guard will throw out you from the lab because after 7:00 no one will be allowed in the lab. after the training your seniors will train you how to work on projects and all.

Reality From QUORA

 The reality of TCS ignite. This ignite is the program where you will get 15000 as a salary in hand and you have to go to Chennai for 6 months or 3–4 depending on your batch. They will not provide u anything like food accommodation, not even coffee. you just have 1 hour of a break from 12.30 to 1.30 and in this time you buy your own food and eat and again rush back to the office. and from morning 8.30 to evening 5.30 just have food in 1-hour break. in Chennai you will find PGs in sai Nagar mnc Nagar and many places which they will say don’t get PGs there but PG there are very bad. food I very bad and you have to ask your parents for extra money through your whole training and your 1 year if not given home town. Also, no one knows about to ignite program. they don’t even know in TCS then how could u trust they know it outside. The buses are good in Chennai and cabs. else everywhere you have to pay double. like 15rs for a normal person in 1 but, you have to pay 30. even if u go for a haircut, you have to pay 150 to a very normal salon.

From These i hope you understand about tcs ignite programme


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