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Akash Jadhav is one that is inspiring and relatable to many students out there. Akash is a young dynamic student entrepreneur who is the owner and CEO of Classic technology, running startup successfully on web development and photography. Despite facing numerous challenges, Akash has managed to build a successful business and pursue his passion for technology. This article will delve into the journey of Akash Jadhav and explore how he was able to become a successful student entrepreneur.

Akash Jadhav
Akash Jadhav

Akash Jadhav is currently studying MCA from Belagavi, Karnataka. However, Akash’s journey as an entrepreneur began in his early years. After completing his 10th grade with a remarkable 90%, Akash found himself struggling with the syllabus in English in 12th grade as he belonged to a Kannada medium school. This confusion and lack of interest led him to bunk college and sit in the park all day.

However, Akash’s interest in technology and computers never wavered. In his 12th grade, he started working on developing a game using drag and drop systems. He even verified the game on Google Admob and started earning 0.02 cents every day. This was the first step towards his entrepreneurial journey.

After completing his 12th standard, Akash realised that marks were not everything and decided to focus on making money. He started to learn about computers and technology and developed a game using drag and drop systems. His interest in technology led him to pursue BCA, but his primary goal was to get a laptop from his parents. Even after taking admission in BCA, he did not receive a laptop, so he requested his principal to talk to his parents. Eventually, his parents agreed to give him a higher spec laptop, and he took a loan from his friends to buy a DSLR camera, which he used to start a photography business.

Akash Jadhav

Akash Jadhav’s Startup Begining

Akash’s love for photography was a significant part of his success story. He purchased a DSLR camera and began renting it out for photoshoots. This allowed him to generate income while pursuing his degree, which ultimately led to the expansion of his business.

Akash was not satisfied with merely renting out one camera. He continued to scale his business by investing in more equipment and expanding his services he purchased 2 more DSLR cameras & returned all loan amount which hew took from his BCA degree Friends. His innovative marketing techniques, such as putting up posters around the city, allowed him to reach more customers and grow his brand.

Akash Jadhav
Akash Jadhav

Akash’s DSLR rental business was successful, and he continued to expand it. However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought his business to a halt, and he had to sell his cameras to pay for his expenses. Despite this setback, Akash did not give up and started posting videos on YouTube. His interview experience video went viral, and he launched his first product, a resume service, which became a success.

Akash’s entrepreneurial journey did not end there. He continued to develop web projects and created a job portal that focused on genuine job opportunities. His job portal ranked highly in Google, and he started making 1000 USD per month. Today, Akash runs a successful startup, Classic Technology, with a team of four members, and he is earning a six-figure income every month… Its enough for today let him achieve more then we will write more..

In conclusion, Akash Jadhav’s story is a testament to the fact that anyone can become an entrepreneur with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn. His journey shows that failures and setbacks are a part of the process, but with perseverance and resilience, one can overcome them and achieve success.

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