TCS NQT Smart Hiring Real Interview Questions In 2023

TCS NQT Original Questions Asked | These All Questions Are Provided By Subscribers Who Faced Their TCS Interview Already So I Found May Be Helpful For You

TCS NQT Interview Questions


Same Questions May Repeat

  • What is Array?
  • Give Some Examples Of OS?
  • What Is Namespace?
  • Explain Operator Overloading?
  • Define Class & Object
  • What is the difference between c and c++
  • Oops, What is abstraction?
  • What is polymorphism?
  • What is encapsulation?
  • What is printf()?
  • Benefits of abstraction?
  • Can you run the c program without main()?
  • About What project have you done?
  • What languages have you used in your project?
  • Java: What are exceptions?
  • Explain try-catch block.
  • Explain throws exception.
  • Parent class of all exceptions.
  • What is inheritance?
  • Does java support multiple inheritances?
  • Difference between abstract class and interface.
  • Why is method overriding called dynamic polymorphism?
  • What is static binding? What is a destructor?
  • Does java support destructor?
  • Did you do any other courses?
  • What do you know about machine learning?
  • Difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • What is cloud computing?
  • What is IoT?
  • What is SDLC?
  • What do you know about cybersecurity?
  • Have you participated in any hackathons or CodeChef competitions?
  • Explain the functionality of the linked list?
  • What are the four basic principles of OOPS?
  • What is inheritance?
  • What is the way of inheriting the variable of one class to any other class? …
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What are the different types of inheritance?

Basically there are three members in the interview panel.
They asked questions according to the subjects mentioned in your CV.
-Tell me something about yourself?
-Difference between python and c language?

  • Do you know anything about exceptions?
  • why we use finally keyword after try-catch statement?
    -Is strings mutable or immutable?
    -how you add your lastname in your firstname without using any python function?
    -What is class and object?
    -Suppose you are a part of this technical interview and you are a candidate so are you a class or an object?
    -Tell me your hobbies?
    -One justification of your hobby?
    -How you motivate yourself?
  • What is your first work when you join tcs?
    -What is javascript?
    -What is the difference between react and react native.
  • How you align two div in the same line?
    -How you set up the width and heigth of the divs that suits all the mobile screens?
    -what is doc string in python?
    -What is the prop in react js?
    -What is redux??

Done with the HR round
Questions asked –
1-Tell me something about yourself
2-Who is your role modal.
3-why tcs ??
4- what do you know about us?
5-Ready to relocate?
6- Comfortable with CTC?
7-Award tcs won recently?
8- Any gap?
9-Ready for immediate joining?
10- Any past working experience?

Done with the HR round
Questions asked –
1-Tell me something about yourself
2-java and c++ different
3-any 2 concept of oops
5-about projet
6-class and object
7-about your fav cricketer
8-ready to reallocate
9-ready for night shift
10-are u ready to learn new skills
11- any questions from me.

Done with the Technical interview

  1. Tell me about yourself with strength, project, interest of subject
  2. About project
  3. Loops in c
  4. Biggest dream apart from selection in TCS…. and question on my dream and ask situational based que regarding dream.
  5. Rate yourself out of 10
  6. Pointer in c.
  7. Difference between element and tags in HTML
  8. Some more situational based questions were asked to me
  9. Define yourself in one word.
  10. Ready to relocate.
  11. Agree with terms and conditions
  12. Any question from me.

Technical round-
1.Introduce yourself
2.What is oops
3.what is Abstraction
4.what is abstract class and interface class
5.what is this and super keyword
6.What new things added in html5
7.How to get a value from javascript
8.what do you know about SQL
9.What is waterfall model
10.what is Agile model
11.Who motivates you
12.What do you know about Tcs
13.After 5 years where you see yourself
14.If you not qualified tcs,then what you do
15.Why do you want to join TCS
And also some more questions…

Questions asked to me :
Introduce yourself
Difference btw C & python
What is C++?
Who developed python?
Syntax to call class method in python
Polymorphism, Inheritance
Hobby, justification of hobby
What leadership skills do you have
Tell me when you applied your leadership skills

What is your plan after graduation?
Tell me your weakness
What motivates you most?
What do you know about TCS?
If you are assigned two projects, how will you handle them?
Are you ready to relocate?
Will you be comfortable to chennai?
You have not travelled to south city, then how will you manage?
Do you wanna ask any questions?

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