What Is WIMS & WASE In Wipro WILP?

If you are interested in Networking then you can go for WIMS as it deals with networking and if you are interested in Programming then you can go to WASE Programming.

You can go to any of these WASE or WIMS according to your interest.

WASE deals with programming and WIMS deals with Networking.

WASE and WIMS are both the same courses offered within Wipro. It’s just that in WASE you join Wipro Technologies and in WIMS you join Wipro Infotech. That’s the only difference. Degree, University, grading system, number of classes etc are all same.

If one is trained in GIS domain or hired for GIS then they will be coming under WIMS. If they are trained in BAS CRS PES… etc then they will come under WASE

Also if you have had mathematics as a subject in your Graduation and 12th you will be coming under WASE or WIMS

If you didn’t have mathematics as a subject in graduation or 12th then you will fall under VISTA.

People who did Diploma will directly come under SIMS

My Opinions On WIPRO WILP

Well, I specifically do not know what this program is all about. But some of my friends have done BCA and joined Wipro under a program in which they offer M.tech from a reputed institute but with a bond of four years and I think you are asking about the same. So here are some points which i think are advantages of this program.

  1. You will get a masters degree along with experience in a project. Classes for masters are held during weekends and during week days you work in the project so Yes! You get practical as well as theoretical knowledge together.
  2. As my friends told me the curriculum for the course is good so it will help you in the future.
  3. Four years of work experience with a masters is a good deal.
  4. Degree offered in this program is from a good institute.
  5. If you want to leave his course you can do so by giving the compensatory amount.

But as we know each coin has two faces so this program also has some negative aspects.

  1. Stipend is less but you will not be dependent on others for your expenses
  2. We all know that a full time course has more weightage than this kind of course.

So better take the decision wisely as four years is a long time in IT industry where technologies and trends change everyday. But it is a good program so think about it. 🙂

  1. These companies are service-based company, who has mostly clients from all over the world and these clients are divided into different domains. For bank and finance companies (insurance ) they call the domain a financial service. For energy and resource, it is called as ENU. Mostly they have big clients like banks (most clients are from outside India)which have an old system. It is difficult and costly for those clients to manage such an old and large customer -base system to manage by their own development team. So they look for cheap resources from India(since India’s population is very high). What Wipro, they higher college freshers in mass volume and ask them to support such a project. Most of the projects to maintain such an application. Very few projects or applications are built on the latest technology.
  2. Why Wipro hires in mass volume: So by providing such resources like college passed out(B.Sc, BCA students) Wipro charges a great number from their clients. The amount charged is per hour and paid in Doller, pound, euro-based on client location. So for example you are working on the UK (United Kingdom) based project. Wipro may charge 100pund per day for, so you will work for them 20 days, 20*100=2000 pound, by converting into rupees 1,95,762.97. In the first, you will get a stipend of 13500 per month. So in a month, you will generate a profit of 182262.97 for the company.
  1. Now in service-based companies, the software development project always works based on the number of resources working per projet * number of hours. So if the project doesn’t need a team of 20 members and can be managed by 10 skilled people also, Wipro won’t do that. They will try to increase the number of resources. they hire freshers who don’t have much knowledge and tagged them into such projects. In the whole team, 3,4 experienced people will there and rest WASE/ VISTA followed by the first year to the fourth year. Based on your experience your manager will ask you to do. There are hardly any pure development projects, mostly support, and testing projects and you are not required to write any code for your daily task. Just to go office, do 1 or 2 hours work and waste the rest of the time. I got a nice project where I got a lot of work as a manual tester, but very few chances to write code. Though I have done development on my own application to provide value add. Most of the frameworks are very old, they don’t even hear much about new technologies.
  2. Once you entered into this program, first two years you are not asked to do a lot of work and your early rating doesn’t even matter. Just go office and chill out. So mostly first two years of your career wasted(you maybe sit on the bench or a free pool for 6 months), so basically you won’t learn any skills or technology until you are lucky enough to tag a project that happens only 1% from the total hiring. You can push your manager, asks to relocate a development asks for release, but it won’t work always, with this option you may end up losing 6 months of time in a free pool.
  3. Still, your salary is 17000 and you may have to live in cities like Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata. Expenses to effort a good life in such cities: You will rent a flat or stay on PG. A decent pg charges 8k to 7k for three sharing with food. Renting a 1BHK flat in a decent area cost 15k to 20k. So most of the people go for PG. You won’t like the PG food and you will get nice friends, so you will end up eating food outside. which cost you 4k. Since you will have enough time you will go watch a movie, then small trip, the by flight you will go home and shopping, weekend parties, trust me you will end up with zero savings until you don’t go out and stays on your room all the time.
  4. After joining this program by next year March or April your classes will be started. At Wipro, you have to maintain 8 hours inside the office (excluding lunch break, tea break). If you don’t work also, you need to stay inside the office, some of the ODC doesn’t allow you to use phones inside, since your client may be a bank where you have to maintain data privacy. After going 5 days to the office, Saturday you need to go to attend classes which are from 9 am to 6 pm. Each class will be a 2hour lecture. The selected candidate will join the company batch-wise. Some of them in June, some of them September and some of them December. So for example, you are 2020 passed out, and you joined September 2020, your classes will start in April 2021 once all the candidates joined. Nowadays they ask to sign an agreement of 5years, earlier than 4 years. So by your post-graduation, you will end up working 4 6months, sometime 4year 8 months. Ideally, you are supposed to complete the course by 4years, here you will end up losing. extra 6 months.
  5. Now come to the content of your M. TECH course. It sounds so nice right, M TECH from bits Pilani, but the truth is general M. Tech course takes only 2 years. You have to pay extra 2 years+ of your career to get it. The course content is very old. By your 7th semester, you will get to learn about cloud computing, BITS Pilani designed the course in such a way after post-graduation also you may generates benefits for WIPRO. It has content for all old software development processes, it will teach about manager role, SDLC, everything. But IT is very unstable. The content is valid for the last 10 years, now it is completely changed. Since, WIPRO, TCS follows an old methodology to develop an application they want you to learn those only. But companies, like, GOOGLe, Amazon Microsoft doesn’t follow these methods. So some companies don’t accept your degree. When you try to switch the company, they may ask you shall I consider your degree or your 4 years experience.
  1. So by your 4th year or 5th year, you will complete your M.TECH and you will be offered a salary of 5.25L, 5.50L, and 5.75 L along with a joining bonus of 1.25L, 1.50L, and 1.75L which will be added to your salary by 6th year. This bonus is called a retention bonus. If you leave the company by 5th year you have to return it to the company. Now, why Wipro give such a bonus ? Compare to the outside companies, you are having 4 years of experience and have an M TECh degree, if you are managed to get another offer your salary may rise up to 18L per year based on your skillset. Now here is come most important, what did you learn in the last 4 years, what is your experience about? So it is really important to invest your first two years of career in a good project. If you didn’t learn basic coding and data structure algorithm you may end up with a salary of 5.25L. Suppose you joined Wipro at your age 22 by your M Tech you will 26 and now your parents ask you to get married or maybe other family responsibilities will come to your head(most of the students belong to an Indian Middle-class family). After deducting tax, your monthly salary will be around 35k for the lowest package, and for highest it is 40k. They deduct some every month a varial and pay quarterly. So in the quarter month, your salary will be 60k. Since you are working in cities like Bangalore, Pune your expenses will increase. Now you will move to a flat since three sharing is not good to stay. Your living style will develop, so everything will be new. And again you will end up will very little savings. you even can’t effort your own marriage expense by your 5th career year.
  2. IT is known for its paying. So an average product based company pays a fresher from 5L to 12L at the first year in Bangalore. If you get a job offer from top companies and a good startup your salary may be up to 40L in 4 years of experience. I have a lot of friends who get paid such a large amount. To buy a flat at your age 35 you will need at least 80L to 1 crore on average in Bengaluru. so with a salary of 35k to 40k, it is not possible to age 35 you will have to send your children to a good school and again you will end up being middle class. Now Wipro has another option Onsite. So as a WASE or Vista if you complete 5 years, you are eligible to work from client location where you will get paid in the pound. So for the UK, you will get 43000 pounds per year which is around 41,97,204.20. With the expenses(Uk is very expensive) and if you don’t do traveling Europe a not party person you can end up saving 12L-15L per year. Which is not enough to buy your dream house in Bengaluru, you may buy a decent car. But not all get a chance to travel onsite. If you are very good at coding or the technology or you have a very good domain knowledge or you create a great dependency on you for the project, if you work a lot for Wipro with very less salary, if your relationship with your manager is good and cunning enough to fool others. That is again around 2% of total WASE/Vista joiners. But at least 3 years you need to stay onsite and your lifestyle should not be very expensive to get good savings
  3. Now if you join a product based company by 7 years experience you will a solution architect or a manager with a minimum salary of 45L and you may travel two-four times outside India with good savings and you may promote yourself to upper-middle class. But it comes with a cost of great knowledge of technology. such companies hire IITian or Nitian As freshers, not BCA or B. SC graduate. So what can you do? So if you belong to tier three cities a lot of good companies won’t come to your college to hire you. Wipro TCs may come and hires you. Join WASE / Vista and once you move to cities like Bengaluru tries the first two years to switch to other companies (small companies will hire you). Get a good knowledge of coding from small companies and now switch to companies like amazon, google, Microsoft. At that time your degree doesn’t matter and by 6th year your salary will be around 30 L after the two-three switch. If you want a chilled life go for Microsoft Goldman Sachs Jp morgan etc. If you want to work hard and want good technical work, go to Amazon, Google.
  4. Another option, if you are able to get a chance to do MCA from NIT or JNU or any state college goes for it and if your placement was not that good, try offline with good companies. Offline you may get an offer of 5L to 7L.
  5. Some points keep in mind, the stipend structure of Wipro is very old, So from the last fifteen years they offer the same, but your expenses are not the same(the price of goods increases every year. So it is not fair to work for such a low stipend. Due to COVID-19 Wipro, TCS returns its employees from onsite. So if a recession comes, it may badly affect your career if you only want to go onsite to save money. Now Wipro doesn’t offer MAS medical claim which 15k per year. They stopped shift allowance(If you work in the afternoon or night shift you would get 6k to 8k extra money). This year they deducted hikes, (every year salary increase), 50 % of your QPLC(quarter salary
  1. So at some point with WASE/Vista option you may be very frustrated as you would have to work a lot, that too may be non-technical and your salary also not increased. Due to the poor selection you made, may end up as a middle-class average worker with a lot of pressure. Once your experience goes, they would start expecting a lot from you. You have to work a lot, apart from it you to upskill. If you don’t do good they may ask you to leave. And after a certain age, you won’t have the energy inside you to learn a lot.
  2. So if you are graduate student from a decent city, join the course but leave by 1st year,( one point Wipro can’t file a case if you don’t return penalty amount, as by Law in India no one can keep you contracted. Maximum, they will blacklist you for further job opposites inside the company. If you worry you can pay a penalty which around 60k to 75k. ) If you want to complete the degree, make sure you study by yourself, there are a lot of websites that helps to learn new technologies and data algorithms.
  3. If your parents are rich, you have another career option(family business) and you only need the degree, it is the best option for you. If you want the best IT career with a fat salary or you want to settle in foreign, but your family can’t support your higher study, join it, upgrade yourself and move to another company. If you want to be technically expert go for higher study or try online other companies. You may get a chance of an internship and later job offer.


My friend has just started Wipro Wase and here’s my take on it:

It is only good for those who have the patience and the perseverance to stick to that course for 5 years.

You get paid around 12–13k in the beginning per month, from which more than half goes in just self sustenance and amenities, like lodging , food, laundry, etc. along with additional stuff like gym and pool facilities.

As it comes to the education offered by BITS pilani, it isn’t the same as what an engineering student pays at BITS pilani for 2 years. you will not have a conventional “college experience” or even get to see the BITs pilani campus (No fests, no parties, get togethers, hangouts). You will have to do most of the studying on your own, balancing it with the workload you have from the office, do your own projects, assignments, reports,what have you.

Plus, not to mention that they give you a degree that otherwise takes 2 years to complete after 5 years, which is another bummer, because you have to spend 5 years doing the same thing someone could do in 2 years.

When it comes to the work experience, Yes, it is surely a rewarding experience, working on cutting edge new technologies that the company purchases and learning something new everyday, but again, this is only applicable to those who are patient enough and have the taste tech and computers. Wipro pays for any certifications like microsoft or oracle that you would want to do.You can swtich departments if you feel like you need a change.

The only downsides to this program is, you will be on a very strict schedule, away from parents, friends, and home, in an unknown environment among strangers. It is the ultimate test of your willpower and patience, and if you get through with it, you get piece of paper they call a degree which is entirely paid for by a multinational giant, a promise of a better life, and everything else you have taken the effort and learned from your journey.

In the end Wipro Wase is everything you decide to make of it. Just don’t get into it expecting to make a ton of money, because that takes time and a LOT of hard work and patience.

If you complete WASE program, then you’ll be getting arround 5 to 6 lpa. But if you switch after 2 or 3 years then also you can get 5–6 lpa.

My friend joined TCS not Wipro, after 2.5 years, he switched to Oracle earning 10 lpa.

Now you decide.

It is not like that your worth is 2 to 3 lpa for 5 years. It depends on how big an organization is and if you apply for big organization and somehow manage to get offer letter you’ll be getting much more than WIPRO WASE.

Understand the fact that, earning 5–6 lpa after 5 years of struggle is not that good.

WIPRO WASE isn’t worthy enough to struggle. Join TCS, INFOSYS, COGNIZANT or any other company for beginning. Gain experience of 2–3 years and switch. This WIPRO WASE is not worth your time and efforts.

Edit: Some other organisations like SAP LABS also provides same M Tech programs from Bits Pilani and provide 10–12 lpa upon completion.

Carefully research on it.



Wipro is a good organization but WASE/WIMS are not good programs. These are just to lure innocent graduates in the name of MTech. Just because they do not know their worth. You are just a low wage worker for Wipro.

Please Join WIPRO WASE only if you do not having any other job offer. This MTech degree is not worthy.

Work experience at WIPRO will not be considered enough. You will be doing more work than a regular employee and still be undervalued. Instead of wasting time on doing assignments and all for WASE programs on weekends and doing work from Mon-Fri, it is better to join some other organization, work Mon-Fri and spend weekend to enhance your skill set by learning through online courses.

Some organization also offer these courses so you don’t have to buy expensive courses elsewhere. After 2 or 3 years, if you switch to other organizations, you’ll get better perks, pay and recognition than you’d get in WIPRO WASE.


First a disclaimer: I am a BCA graduate and had multiple offers from WASE, WIMS, TCS and Tech Mahindra and unfortunately I chose Tech Mahindra due to the reporting location. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

If TCS is offering a masters opt for TCS, otherwise WASE could be nice if you want to complete your MS. Opt for TCS if you want to pursue your MBA after a few years.

Here are the Pros and cons of joining WASE:

1. You complete your MS, which you can’t do as a regular course. If you want to remain in the technical line and want to complete your masters this is the only way after a BCA.

2. You get an automatic promotion after you complete your MS, but it takes you almost 4.5 years to do so.

3. In the future your formal education won’t come in the way of an onsite to the US or a promotion. The same will be true for your salary hikes.

1. You won’t have a life for those 4.5 years. Wipro makes you work like a dog (you do learn a lot in the process), and then there will be the classes to attend in the weekends.

2. You’ll be exhausted, mentally and physically! More than 70% folks I know opt out of it after completing an year or two, 4-5 years proves to be too long a time for many.

3. Your salary will remain a menial 2.2 to 2.5 LPA after 3 years, and even if you switch after that your salary will be 3.5 to 4 LPA at most, unless there’s a salary revision as I’ve explained below.

P.S. Although I would probably not go back to Tech Mahindra myself, they have a salary revision after 3 years for BCA graduates and your salary becomes equivalent to the B. Tech graduates. I am not aware of any other company that does this, so TechM is a very good option for BCA freshers who will otherwise be stuck at below par salary for a while. I was earning about 6 LPA with 3.6 years of experience back in 2015 only because of that salary revision.

Is WASE from Wipro a valuable one?

I believe it is not valuable as like other organizations because i have joined in wipro on 2012 as a part of WASE program. I have completed MS (Master of Science) in BITS. You will not suppose to get the other benefits like the normal Wipro Employees at the duration of WASE program. The pay is very less. You have to complete the wipro’s copyright competency online test. You should not score the lower grade while pursuing MS or M.Tech and eventually you should score 140 points on that competency exam as well. You should wait for the completion of WASE to upgrading your carrier. So i suggest you to move on the other bright way to expose your talents. All the best for your carrier.

No way, if have any other option then please don’t opt for WASE. Its having a bond of 4 years will be drag your career back, during which the stipend they pay is also very less. After WASE completion they give a mere package of 5.75LPA max(considering you’ve done great in work & received outstanding ratings). Plus you have to clear many tests(besides MS) in order for employee conversion. That’s just sick!

Of course, there are people who have done exceptionally well even after WASE, but honestly I felt it has wasted my 4 years.

Please note that, if you have another option then evaluate that as well. 4 years bond is not good.

I joined wipro as wasian and i have completed 1 and half years. Due to my financial background and higher education i joined here. But i am not satisfied in my job and my salary they are providing. Its tough for me to manage everything and i am feeling my life is ruining here. I am finding many ways to come out of this organisation. Once i came out, my life will be good, i am sure about that.

If you have other options means please go for that.

All the best for your career.

How much will be the salary after wipro wase program?

I can give you the exact answer for this question as I only completed my WASE program last year..

So there are 3 package which can be offered to you after completion of WASE depending upon your 3 and 4 year appraisal ratings.

1. 5.75 lacs ( EC/OS Rating in your last 2 appraisals)

2. 5.25 lacs (HVC and EC Rating in last 2 appraisals)

3. 5 lac ( HVC in last 2 appraisals)

*EC : Excellent Contribution
*OS : Outstanding Contribution
*HVC : Highly Valued Contribution

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